About TeenLife

Who We Are
TeenLife is a new media company that helps families and schools to connect middle and high school students with “opportunities beyond school” such as summer programs, community service, classes, jobs, and internships. Our goal is to become the “go to” resource for students, parents and educators who are seeking programs, products and services geared to teens, aged 13-19, in the United States.
What We Do
The life of a teenager is busy enough! Few students, parents and educators have the time or knowledge to find interesting experiential learning opportunities for teens. We scour the Greater Boston universe for information and ideas so that you don’t have to! Our proprietary database containing hundreds of listings is continually updated with new information that we find online, via newsletters, and at events – all for your benefit. Our coverage of opportunities for teens in Greater Boston is unmatched by any other media source.
Please visit us as TeenLife.com!

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